Ha Ji Won, you gotta love her laughter


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  1. Her laughter makes us be happy!! She’s very pretty. Her laughter makes her more beautiful

    • i just recently became a fan of hajiwon and due to my obsession to know her more, i found this looking for any updates about hajiwon 🙂 …i dont know when this interview was release but i just find her down to earth here. hope you unnies have sites link for us new fans..

      also love her here:

      • This is her lastest interview,

        • translated by secret garden drama,

          She was making photo shoot for cosmetic commercial (I think it’s Olay) and y-start news visited on site and interviewed her. Staffs on site said if Ha Ji Won lost weight and told her she looks skinner. Ha Ji Won said, “I didn’t lose weight”… and the other staff next to her sa…id that you look skinner on your face. Hi Ji Won said, “Because you took photos well”.
          [Maybe she looks skinner because she practice ping pong a lot??]

          Here are 3 questions she was asked on this video.
          Q1. Not only fans but also even many actors have Ji Won fever…
          I feel so good and thank you so much.

          Q2. If you tell your ideal man to fans who have Ji Won fever…
          I like a man who can laugh a lot and he is also positive, humorous. Furthermore he is so funny that we can exchange good energy each other when we are together.
          -How about his appearance?
          I like handsome man, (hahaha…), but heart prior to appearance.

          Q: Ha Ji Won’s cheerful message toward Hyun Bin.
          I hope that he will really enjoy (life in the military) like making another movie and come back to a much more mature and amazing man.

          All rights reserved for this translation. Secret Garden Korean Drama 시크릿 가든

  2. Latest video b4 HB ‘s enlistment!LOOK AT THEM THEY ARE SO HAPPY !+ OSKAR AND SEUL!


  3. Love HJW’s contagious laugh, coz I laugh so easy too.I can’t wait for the time, where I can say I knew it:):):)

  4. Oh:) thank you so much for the video:) I’ts sooo sweet and gentleman of Hyeon Bin. Oh my, I really love it. This really makes me giggle and love them so much:)

  5. I’m not a techy person so im a bit sad that i cannot help much of this fans club for our beloved couple..but i am willing to support in any way i can..just let us know what can we do.
    Anyhow please post more of hajiwon and hyun bin…we olve them so much.

  6. Hi all. HJW latest interview on youtube. MNet wide VIP interview at http://www.youtube.com/ps3hlproductions. Enjoy..

  7. Hi guys found this video ,that i have repeated watching (hints hints again)enjoy
    OUR dear Ana is on long leave, Hey where are you?

    • Betty, thank you very much.I really enjoyed watching this. I love it, and giggled when Hyeon Bin said, that he felt nervous and flutter kissing Ha Ji-Won. One of the interview , Ha Jiwon said the same thing. Oh my, I makes me want to watch it again. Love these couple:)

  8. This song Suits her perfectly ‘Amazing YEOJA’
    credited to jiwonderland0628

    • can’t help smiling all throughout this video…”Girl, you are amazing just the way you are…”

      guess, this is one of the reason why we can’t get over with SeGa and one of the answer for unnie’s (forgot the name who post that she still can’t get over SeGa for almost 3 months now) question why we are still into Secret Garden…

      Don’t worry unnies, me too is still having a hard time getting over with SeGa esp. with Hajiwon 🙂

  9. This is Ha Ji Won Happy Virus…
    credited to : MKangetu

    • Can help me tell the songs on the video smile ha ji won (This is Ha Ji Won Happy Virus …), sorry my english is not good … I use google translation, I’m from Indonesia. thanks

  10. I am now a fan of HJW unnie after I watched SeGa! I didnt appreciate her past drama that I watched (Hwang jinyi) before. N0w, i realized she’s such a versatile actress. She already play alm0st all kinds of roles. (serious,comedy,comical,action) she’s very professional! . . . And i love the way she laughed!

  11. hey guys…im one of those million silent readers here… hehhee… yeah it would be a good idea if we all write our discussions here… since this is the page that alou made for all us HB and HJW fans… i read the discussinons in the dramascene and its 140 comments already… wow you guys are really great… i love all your comments!!! it gives me a lot of info about our amazing couple… thanks alou!!!

  12. some like me to my sega fever still overhelming me i love both …hope they make new film/drama that story is similiar with mr and mrs smith..woow i cant stop to imagine how wonderful ……

  13. Agreed with you Mujay ^^ HB oppa & HJW unnie should pair up to make Korean version of Mr & Mrs Smith 😀 hihihihi.. I really really hope after HB oppa return military, he will go & chase after HJW unnie.. hihihihi.. Let us pray that they will fall in love with each other & really get married for real soon.. Fighting!! Hyun Bin Ha Ji Won fans!! ^^

  14. I really love them so much!!
    I am hoping that there will be another project for both of them because they are good love team…! pls. maybe part 2 of SECRET GARDEN…

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