Hello everyone we are here soft launching H&H…

Hello everyone, we are here, soft launching H&H fan page 😉


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  1. Hi po, I’m also a pinay. Can I join your group?. I really love them (HJW-HB) both. Can’t help myself reading news and articles about them. Then I found this site, and wheww there’s a lot of juicy news about them. I’m also following HJW in her twitter account. Hope you let me join in your group… ^_^

  2. I’ve read this post from pinoyexchange.com
    An old interview w/ HJW, translated by one of the soompier.

    credit to uxmod of SP and http://star.mt.co.kr/stview.php?no=2011012109460729869

    Ha Ji Won: I don’t know how to kiss.

    (인터뷰①) “라임으로 현빈아닌 김주원 진짜 좋아했다”
    (Interview 1) “As Gil Ra Im, I really like the man Kim Ju Won, not Hyun Bin.”

    In SBS weekend drama “Secret Garden,” we interviewed Ha Ji Won (act as Gil Ra Im), an exceptional performer no matter the genres, ranging from emotional to intense action, nothing beats the “National Actress.” When we asked her questions, HJW certainly a 100% comparison to “Gil Ra Im” when she laughs, showing that “cute” and “cool” expression.

    “People said I can’t kiss properly.”

    In the last episode of Secret Garden, she and Hyun Bin was starred in a couple kiss scene that even TV broadcast station has giving out warnings to the audiences with a rated 18+. How can HJW said she cannot kiss well? It does not make sense, right?

    Ha Ji Won replied, “My fans kept telling me that my kissing skills were poor. I thought I did alright even in the past…” (HJW then laughed once again)

    “I rewatched that scene that I thought I was really serious in filming that. But after I thought to myself, perhaps to the eyes of the viewers that I could be lacking some area in there. So therefore, I think next time I will have to improve it better.”

    The reporters seemed to like the kiss scene, it was filmed with such passion. But HJW instead told them the real story behind this passionate kiss scene.

    “In the finale of “Secret Garden,” there was a scene when me and Hyun Bin was kissing on the snowfield. This kind of kiss required two person true passionate feeling towards each other like we are a true lover. The feeling in this kiss scene compare to the party kiss and the cappuccino kiss are completely different. A feeling that is more of a warmth, comfortable, and a fun one. I felt like the kiss I did with Hyun Bin from before was kind of tiring, difficult, and nervewrecking. But after we got closed and through many practices (laughed) especially the one on the snowfield was a panoramic one. Me and Hyun Bin became so close that we enetertain each other and had fun with each other in front of the camera shooting, and gradually, both of us soon captured that beautiful picture of that “ideal lovers” for the viewers to see.”

    That is why many “Se-Ga fan-nerds” praised them saying ‘I wish I can be in that kind of love like Kim Ju Won and Gil Ra Im.’ The filming for the finale finished right on that final day of the 16th. As soon as the filming ends, it was not over yet. There came after many interviews and talks, and at that moment did HJW really felt the audiences’ positive feedback and support. “Haha, people all around have been complaining towards girls who doesn’t have any care to the guys suddenly changed and whine about wanting to have a boyfriend. They all blamed Ju Won and Ra Im for their sudden change of mind.”

    In fact, the love of Ju Won and Ra Im in “Secret Garden” was so engaging that it made the viewers’ hearts filled with butterflies. And perhaps because of this, even though Hyun Bin is dating someone else, people still say such things like “I hope both of them date each other for real.”

    “Oh? This is my first time hearing such a thing,” Ha Ji Won replied, “When I film with Hyun Bin, I see him as Kim Ju Won. As Gil Ra Im, I really like to be in love with Kim Ju Won. And even with other male leads I worked with in the past, we are really suitable for each other, but we still manage to maintain our friendship even when the filming ends.”

    “Well, have you contact with Hyun Bin yet?”

    “Yes, only once.” Ha Ji Won answered, “Isn’t he joining the army soon? I think he will do his best there, he’s a very masculine person that loves to excercise. I think he will do his best while in the army.” – end

    Guys, take note of this lines——-“In fact, the love of Ju Won and Ra Im in “Secret Garden” was so engaging that it made the viewers’ hearts filled with butterflies. And perhaps because of this, even though Hyun Bin is dating someone else, people still say such things like “I hope both of them date each other for real.”—-> This makes my heart cry, because of what HJW just said, that HB is dating someone else. But maybe the reason why she said that is because that time HB and SHK have not yet confirmed their break-up in public. I’m really praying for HB-HJW to be a real life couple.
    Pls. help me analyze this interview… :-\

  3. Hi! ruby! I think the reason hajiwon gave those answers is because she was avoiding conflicts with the fans. When she did that interview Hyun Bin is still in a relationship, although many people said that hb had rocky relationship already when he did sega, still there is no official break up. I think she is just trying to protect their public image when she did that interview.

  4. I agree with that and I do believe the way i see them while they filming sega that they were very much comfortable to each other , they always have smile on their face after the scene i think the feelings are mutual between them….I can see that after hyun bin ms he will start courting ha ji won and be his real woman …oh well for me they were perfectly match two beautiful persons with same traits and mutual actions …Let’s wait and see if this thing happens it will make us happy ……Let’s pray that they will be a real couple and soon to be Mr and Mrs. Kim Tae Pyung..

  5. @ hajibinnie & hajibinnie > me too, Im also hoping and praying for them to be a real couple. can’t wait til dec 2012. By the way, when is the 2nd vacation of HB from MS? He’ll be celebrating his birthday on sept. 25 right?? ~^^

  6. I hope they are real couple.. waiting for HB to discharge..:)


  7. Hi, ruby and other sega fan-nerds”
    What HJW said during the interview was the beginning of the year. Actually, HB and SHK already broke up and not officially announced yet. There are many interviews from both of them and behind the scene(BTS) already showed that they are in secret relationship. You guys can search some comments from BTS, and some facebook websits,, you will realize that they do share special feeling for each other. When I watched “secret Garden”, what I saw was a real loving couple sharing their love stories.
    As fans of HB & HJW, we should pray that they will maintain their relationship,esp they are apart. HB will make more efforts in terms of communication, if he really cares for their relationship. Next year, fans please start sending message to their agencies and ask both of them to have another drama right after HB’s discharge.

  8. @olivia fang> you’re right, as what I’ve read from other sites and news, I’ve realized that HJW’s answer was just to avoid conflicts. And I am now relieved and contented w/ what the other shippers’ comments and news about our lovely couple…
    Same here, am also praying for them… ^^

  9. Hey guys! i want to join the SeGaFamily group, but it says there that its is for members only.Can someone please help me? im going SeGa crazy…

    • Sorry Mina, our group is closed for some technical problem. But no worries, please, our members are always camping at our main home, The Dramascenes.com (DS). So, just drop by at DS and you won’t miss the fun being with us. Promise!

      • @Segafam It’s okay, i’m just craving for more juicy information regarding on the couple, because i know lots of you have more stories on the sega family group.btw, i love DS, but some of the haters kept on posting negative comments, ant it ruins my mode and positive energy. but thts okay, i’ll still hang around at the DS.

        BTW, just wondering why are you guys quiet nowdays.Please reply! ❤ xoxo

        • LOL, we’re still camping at DS, well, it seems quiet maybe because our amazing namja is somehow still far away (he is in the barrack, and can’t meet his amazing yeoja..), so that’s why …I guess *wink*

          Let’s just hope and wait, 😀


  11. hello guys, it seems to be really quiet lately, @segafam, do you have any latest news?

  12. haii poe ahihi U


  14. Guys, how about giving messages & handing petitions to their agencies so that they pair up again in action pack drama.. I love both HB & HJW.. Hope they get closer & fall in love with each other for real ^^

  15. H&H soooooooo cuteeeeeee

  16. Hi, i’m looking for some news about ha ji won, because i miss her so much! she visited the phils. but i did not see her! I’m sad and disappointed! that’s why i search all sites to look for some news about her, and i found this page. can i join you? i love ha ji won and hyun bin too!

    • Me too! I love Ha Ji Won ever! I love her the way she smile and she looks confident to herself. Until now I still watching secret garden again and again and again…hope they will get closer to each other in reality…

  17. HA JI WON and HYUN BIN PLS. MAKE ANOTHER LOVE STORY …your love team is the best for me since i watched SECRET GARDEN…

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