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  1. Hi HB-HJW lover here!!!

    Great to start the day here with such enthusiasm for our fantabulous and amazing couple of SG.

    Its like a fever that would never go down ha!!!! Happy to read all your comments as well as sharing all those juicy videos and links that all of us have found and shared in the other page but now that we have this fan page weve better start coming here and post our thoughts and reviews to all the up coming events, videos and articles that we may come accross that has something to do with our SG couple.

    REgarding that information from buzzing korea. totally agree with you all that HJW was talking about all his leading man as her bfs, but with destiny and fate on Hyun Bin’s side and her we can consider their tandem as the perfect couple in and off screen. You can definitely feel their camaraderie was more than just their characters….they so much into each other that they don’t see their actions truly revealed their inner feelings without letting the public known. from the SG press conference up to the SBS drama awards nite and most of all from the NG’s that we have reviewed and seen many times makes us giggling all together because we felt that strong kinship right??? I have watched Hyun Bin’s interview with Tang Wei and his leading lady in come rain come shine, I don’t know if you would also agree with me that Hyun Bin treated them with chivalry but as not as caring with HJW. the looked and the stares he bestowed on HJW without her knowing was really something that gives us all hope that there might be special bonding that is going on between this two. with HJW farewell messge via SG specials see you in two years as she is hopeful that HB would definitely see her agein after his military stint she could have just plainly said good luck, stay healthy and safe but why she has to be specific????? hint hint…and on Hyun Bin’s part he was grateful to all but specially thankful for HJW for being GRI and him as KJW???? i think these two are sending messages in between their line of speech. and also ive watched one interview with HB that i noticed whenever he was asked about HJW his eyes would twinkle like he was happy to hear somebody whispers her name??? also he said that he woulg get married after his military who could that girl be??? since HJW was the last leading lady he has in the drama….i dont have to consider Tang Wei even her told HJW that she is looking forward to see her and her HB in korean upon the showing of Late Autumn…and the other leading lady in come rain come shine didn’t even made a stir of gossip or intrigues when their film was shown compared to the screaming fans of HJW and HB because of their SG collaboration.
    All we can do now is to support HJW and watch and see what would the public reaction to her leading men in her next film or drama while HB is finishing his military service. through HJW actions we will know if our HUNCH is RIGHT….

    I hope that we have somebody here that would really dedicated and give effort in translating korean videos and interviews of HJW and HB to english so that we dont have to wait for other people to put sub titles in it. that way we could really have a faster way of posting it here and people here would be able to give their views and post other links and videos too that will help us more build a better understanding and established a good rapport in social network community we have created and built solely just for HB and HJW fans….

    well have to go back to work now just wanted to start our fan page with something to think and look forward too in the coming days, months and years….more power to all and God bless us safe and be happy for our SG couple may they win the netizen award for the best couple. as well as best actress and best actor in a drama series..i m sure the reporter will make a way to have HB message be on air….cant wait for that time…

  2. hope someone can reply… i havent seen “memories in bali”(coz its a sad ending hehe, guess im still into fairy tale ending) , but how good is her chemistry with jo in-seong?

    coz i have read somewhere (i think in wherein hajiwon was asked about marriage and she said that she is not thinking of marriage yet, that she is sad about her past relationship, and that she and jo in-seong is doing fine (for which the interviewer quote theyre also wondering why jo insung’s name was mentioned by jiwon)… although this post was 2 years ago but with jo in-seong (and him mentioning jiwon in one of his interview recently) going out from airforce this year, makes me worry for hyunbin oppa.. hopefully with hyunbin being off for 5 days this month, something good will happen…. please (wishful thinking hehehe)

    pls update us alou hehehe. thanks.

    is jiwon’s guesting in running man this weekend will push through? i hope so.. pls post the link so we can also see the episode 🙂

  3. although memories of bali have tragic ending but thats very good drama.u will never regret to watch.her cemistry and jo in sung was so great,i love this couple after ji won and hyun bin.

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