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  1. Ha Ji Won, Entering National Ping-Pong Championship?
    By: jbarky Apr 5, 2011
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    Ha Ji Won, Entering National Ping-Pong Championship?

    If you have been following Ha Ji Won on, you might already know that she is practicing Ping-Pong in order to prepare for her role in the upcoming film “Korea.”

    Two prominent media websites Daily Sports and Star news have reported conflicting stories about Ha Ji Won. Daily Sports announced “Top star Ha Ji Won is aiming for the national Ping-Pong championship.” According to Daily Sports, the “Secret Garden Star” Ha Ji Won was originally unskilled but she practiced so hard that eventually she became so good that “She was considering entering the Ping-Pong national championship.”

    In response, Star News pushed out an article with the title “What do you mean by saying that Ha Ji Won is entering the Ping-Pong championship? Beginning filming in May.” The article reads “On the 6th an inside source from Ha Ji won’s entertainment agency Well Made Star M had said that in May. Ha Ji Won will enter filming for Korea and I don’t know what they are talking about when [media sources] said that she would be entering a Ping-Pong championship.”

    The movie “Korea” is based on the story of the first combined North and South Korean Ping Pong team that entered the Chiba Ping-Pong championship

  2. thanks for the info betty… looking forward to this..
    ive watched already her previous movies and still trying to find sites where i can watch her other blockbuster movies 🙂

    hope to really see her in a very heavy dramatic role (closer to heaven was really good) and the “angelina jolie-typed” movie since she is asking for an alien-typed movie 🙂

    since ive seen her pictorials for wkorea (i think), my mind’s keep on thinking that ha ji won hopefully can remake japan’s “NANA”… something in her (esp the one where her hair is up and she has heavy mascara) keep going in my mind that she can really make a rockstar (which is the role of the anime-NANA)

  3. my mind keep on spinning for her to remake japan’s “NANA”….

  4. ha ji won ( jhulhie )

    oh!!! ha ji won really looks cute in her outfit…and really hot and attractive…i ll always admired her promise…..

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