Secret Garden’s The Sweetest Thing

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Posted on March 30, 2011, in Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won - Fan Made Video. Bookmark the permalink. 11 Comments.

  1. Yeah they’re the destined couple, sure that is not coincidence, but “What Happened in Secret Garden?”, my heart flutters watching this, so many HJW-JIS shippers out there n JIS will be discharged of military in this May, hoping our HJW still waiting for HB who will give her true love…

    • hahaha…funny video…
      i guess im not the only one thinking about jo insung’s release from the airforce… everyone are anticipating the moves of these 2 man in ha ji won’s “life”

  2. Anyone knows what a coincidence happened (again n again) between them in JDG’s wedding last year?, i only know HB coming without SHK, since then their broken relationship coming up, pls, i’ve searched but for nothing.

    • wonSGbin, ive seen their pics though they came separately they do both have the same color in their outfit…and they even have the same smiles and gestures when their pics was taken….ive seen those pics in baidu site i think i even posted the link in the HB and HJW fan page soft launched…

      its not coincidence but FATE that brought them togethet that time…i m not wrried about JISung’s release this May…if ever that would only prove how strong HJWon’s feeling for HB…patience, patience and patience my dear wonSGbin…ok…even if it takes 2 years we should keep our faith and trust to this amazing couple of ours…

      see you later…keep posting…good day and take care..don’t foret to take your multivitamins just like you said to HB….ha ha ha HJW should make a commercials for vit just like HB…

  3. I can’t wait for these two to be together. Firs time being a fan of Korean celebrity .. I guess this is the magic of Secret Garden:)

  4. am not promoting the singer but i love the song and to all pinoy fans, SeGa will be on GMA by late april i think…

  5. @anapinay, thanks so much dear, you’re right, it wasnt coincidence but fate because of DIVINE INTERVENTION.
    have you seen this fanmade mv for our amazing couple?, enjoy n i imagine this as TLC during his breaks…haha..,
    check it out this sweetest mv ..

  6. Hello there, happy mother’s day to all of you and your moms. Especially to our amazing couple’s mothers, thank you for raising those wonderful artists that we love!

  7. i’m hearing here, there and everywhere high praises for my 2 faves, kim joo won and gil ra im…its also my first time to admire and folllow a korean actors and actress as well, as what kim joo won says in one of his lines with secretary kim in SEGA, “How could someone like her shakes me by the roots, shes really amazing.” they amaze me in many ways. i didn’t even notice that he’s the same guy in kim sam soon in which i admired way back 6 yrs ago, and just the same, its my first time to watch ra im ssi in sega, wow, both fabulous they truly catch my heart, from then on i never stop following them in fb, twitter, and some websites as well. and by after watching prime time bida, i still keep on watching them though in my sega cds for the nth time and more… truly yundogjha! everyone wish them to be real in life, i keep praying though, and if that really happens, well i’m hoping that its because they truly love each other aside from its really their fate and destiny.. thanks to sega, everything happens for a reason i believe, and the reason is the two….be attach and fall in love. if its from secret garden, it must be magic!

  8. I’m a fan of Ha Ji Won. I’m curious about her previous relationship if there’s any please update the details coz I can’t find an article about any intimate relation on her. thanks for the rest of the info and uploads.

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