Ha Ji Won Sports New Look for Spring!

She is back… to her old long locks.

For a Spring Fashion shoot, Ha Ji Won is back to her long feminine hair, marking her official ‘shedding’ of Ra-Im’s image.

MBC Section TV was able to catch her in an interview, where she excitedly called “Hyun Bin-ssi!!” and was honestly looking as if she was anticipating a visit from the guy who is currently in the military.  She broke into laughter seeing it was just another Kim Joo Won copycat coming out.  (But honestly, I don’t know why she said “Hyun Bin-ssi”, if they were going to bring in a Kim Joo Won clone).

During the interview she was asked how she feels with the long line of men all claiming her to be their ideal.  She talks about 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon, who had long harbored a not-so-secret admiration for this amazing yeoja.  She expressed wishing that someday they get to star in a movie together where they each would kill each other off (ala Mr and Mrs Smith).

Oh Ha Ji Won-ssi, don’t you know how we ‘shippers’ wish you would star in such a movie with top Marine shooter Kim Tae Pyung instead!  Now that would be heaven, yea?

She also talks about her training for her upcoming sport movie, “Koreans”, where she is currently hard at work practicing pingpong.  She is already receiving attention for her toned physique, with the trainer calling her out as being the only one with such muscle mass out of all actresses.

Watch the raw, unsubbed video here…


Credits:  allkpop, MBC Section TV, SGPC on Facebook


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  1. yeah difenetly it would be the greatest Heaven if ha ji won ssi play mr and mrs smith with to be mr bond “kim tae pyong” wah…i’ll faint and flaying on cloud nine 🙂

  2. Someone should send HB a recording of HJW’s voice calling for him, I’m sure it’ll motivate him to work even harder.

  3. i bet Ha Ji Won misses Hyun Bin a lot lol. the way she says “Hyun Bin -ssi” is just too cute! <3333

  4. OMG!!! Her expression at 1:10-1:14, it shows that she was waiting and surprised that Hyun Bin came back. Also her expression shows that she was WAITING for him, because she turn pink as the song came up! Also her tone when she said Hyun Bin name…awww…my thoughts are over flooding. ❤

  5. Omo!…Hyun Bin-ssi, can’t you hear her voice, you should come to her in your breakdays, don’t you miss her too.

  6. Love it when she calls his name is so cute:)Mr. & Mrs Smith is one of my favorite movie because AJ. That would be perfect, if HJW & HB will do that kind of movie. Amazing HJW and top marksman HB:)

  7. I’m also rooting for HJW and Hyun Bin to be the next Mr. and Mrs. Smith in korean version. They’re compatible, well matched either in reel or real. The korean producers should prepare the script in the two years time.

  8. for me ha ji won is very special girl that HB must grab to be her partner in her real life. According to HB press interview he just looking for wife that understang her job as an actor.it is a very long time for waiting HB came back after training and acting together again with HJW. Special request to SBS can u fine drama that can bring together this actor as soon as HB finish marine training.This is the very best korean drama that i ever watch.

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