Kim Joo Won Keeps His Smarts for Samsung Smart TV

This had been one of the many ads Hyun Bin shot before his stint at the military.  Now, we see why that man had been super busy days after SeGa and days before his enlistment.   That 4D5N break in the coming two weeks will definitely be a refreshing one for him, since it is supposed to be a personal holiday.

It does look like we will be seeing A LOT of Hyun Bin in the next 21 months, as it is looking like he had filmed two years’ worth of endorsements before enlisting.  And effectively this means that, although they don’t star in a CF together, our Secret Garden couple will be battling for airtime in CF’s in the months to come.

In his official endorsement of Samsung Smart TVs, he reprises his role as CEO Kim Joo Won, together with our other favorite Kim – Secretary Kim (Kim Sung Oh).  Samsung released a special DVD for this, with all 4 CFs and a special BTS.

You can catch both of our comical characters here…

BTS/Making Version

CF #1

CF #2

CF #3


credits: Allkpop and to youtube uploader oumae17


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  1. Awwww…memories of them! ❤

  2. Even in CF, Secret Garden is unforgettable.Love Hyeon Bin’s voice:) This makes me want to watch it again .

  3. I am sad that Hajiwon didn’t won the poll.. I rather choose Hajiwon than that Kim Tae Hea..hehe.

  4. Thata, don’t be sad HJW didn’t won that poll anyway in HBin’s heart she is the WINNER..he he he..

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