[opinion/feature] Hyun Bin – Marine Star Treatment?

By now, most of us would have probably heard about Hyun Bin doing really well at military boot camp. If you are clueless what we are talking about, fear not — Alou has a chockfull of these news in her DramaScenes blog.  Just read these articles — Hyun Bin Rifle Training or Hyun Bin – Assignment and First Break and then come back to spazz with us here at HBHJW Fanpage.

Are you back yet?  Okay, so let’s continue our discussion.

Chosun Ilbo reporter Kim Tae Ik dared to raise the question.  Is it worth it that Hyun Bin is looking as if he’s receiving star treatment in the Marines?   Read the complete post here – Is It Smart To Give Hyun Bin Special Treatment?

Hyun Bin didn’t ask for it, we know this for sure.  Our dear namja had always wanted to take on the challenge and rigor of the Marine life.  And now by being assigned as PR representative to the Marines, it seems like he may have less action time after all.  But since it wasn’t his own preference, I would rather not qualify it as ‘special treatment.’

Personally, I feel as though he is actually more fit for the PR role, given his background. But we also have a very able rookie who can as well be a leader within his platoon down the road, being limited to ‘recruiting’ tasks.   Although it does look like we will have him out of harm’s way like we all wish, the assignment may have dashed the hopes of our unwavering elite leader, to really get rough and dirty during his service time.  I hope his first break out of  his service, scheduled in the next two weeks, will give him some time to ponder and hopefull re-adjust his expectations so he will still do the best in his assigned task.


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  1. Hyun Bin have proven enough that he is qualified to be in the marine so wether he be assigned in or out of the marine station would not be a problem to him. after all Hyun Bin was just following his superior’s orders.

    I don’t think it is a special treatment at all. How can one call it a special treatment he undergo training??? it would be called special treatment if right from the start he wasn’t involved in the rigorous training of the marines.

    Being assigned in the PR department would work well for the Marines. Hyun Bin’s performance would be able to show other wanna be’s that you don’t need to be a movie star to perform well its just a matter of self motivation and goal in choosing marines in fulfilling military service.

    We can hope that HB took this military service with a lot of passion and love for his country Korea. Let’s be patient and hope that people who gave him support and encouragemeent would continue to believed in him not as an actor but as KTP.

    I pray that his upcoming days off would give him more strength and inner will to do better everyday he’s in the service. May he able to reflect about his plans in life, career, family and love.

    For sure all SG fans will be praying for him and will continue to support him quietly until he finished his military service in Dec. 2012 and beyond….

  2. still support you all the way Hyun Bin. fighting! 😀

  3. I personally don’t think it’s special treatment, which means that I do agree with AnaPinay. Like you said, it wouldn’t be call special treatment if he did get to go through the process of the marine training. However, many would see it as this due to the fact that Hyun Bin is a well-known celebrity.Anyways, love him, and awaiting for his break because he might get to see Ha Ji Won anytime. LOL ❤

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