[interview] Ha Ji Won for Olay Cosmetics CF

Ha Ji Won was interviewed by Arirang at her shoot for the Olay Cosmetics CF.

In this interview, she was asked about her ‘ideal’ person and she answered in earnest —

“I like people who are funny, positive, and laugh a lot. Someone who I can receive positive energy from when we’re together. Appearance? A good looking person. *laughs* But the mind is most important.”


At the end of the clip, see her wish Hyun Bin well in the military, “to enjoy the military as if like in a movie and to come back more mature and more handsome before”.


Notice the order of the progression of the interview, her ‘ideal’ types was asked first then the goodwill wish to Hyun Bin, as if he was that ideal type.   Nice framing Reporter-nim.


Credits:  SGPC at Facebook and Arirang World TV




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  1. hi dot! *waves frantically*

    i finally found my way here. whoaaa..so many blogs and forums, so little time. thanks doing this! ❤

  2. ha ji won…she’s so pretty and adorable, i wish that her ideal types was hyun bin. i love this couple very much since i saw secret garden drama. i hope someday they will end up together…

  3. I bet she is Hyun Bin’s ideal type too lol. anyway, thanks for sharing 😀

  4. wow what a woman so beautiful with their years and almost no makeup or very natural and beautiful

  5. I bet the reporter is also one of the secret shippers!

  6. i was just reading on a comment from a kpop site and in dcgallery over a completely different topic and it said “Program Editors are the greatest sources of rumors.” so true. the way this interview was edited proves that, no?

    And hello everyone!! (hugs)

  7. wow i love this couple so much!!! im HJW and HB fanatic… i thank the person responsible for this page!!! i always crave for news about them… thanks much ALOU!!!

  8. Thnx for sharinng for inforation about them i really like them.like others fan i hope that they end up together in real life

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