Hyun Bin to Serve Regular Marine Duties + PR Duties

Just wanted to clear up the discussion we had on this topic. Now I think,  Hyun Bin is getting ‘special treatment’ as in accordance with his wishes he will finally serve regular Marine duties.  Apparently he was recruited for PR, but in light of the very public debacle on his assignment, the Ministry of National Defense changed their mind.  He will be PR on an as needed-basis, will be stuck in an island near the North Korean border for 5-6 months doing ‘combat duties’ until he returns to base for regular duties.   Which makes me think — when is PR not needed?  It’s not a combat time for the Marines, so there really is no ‘combat duty’, yet.  Sly move, Marines. Sly…

Here is the article…

.Although Hyun Bin withdrew from the public eye to begin his military service with the marines, the spotlight on the actor remains strong. On April 14th, the Ministry of National Defense held a press conference that addressed questions regarding his service as a public relations officer.

Minister Kim Kwan Jin stated, “Hyun Bin was recruited as a public relations officer, but wouldn’t it be better that he serve as a general soldier at the battlefront? Of course, there must be a reason for the Commandment of the Marine Corps making such a decision.”

Kim Min Suk replied, “Hyun Bin will be serving as a general soldier, and will serve as a public relations/promotional officer when needed.”

Source: allkpop.com and Newsen via Nate


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  1. thank you so much for all the updates for Hyun Bin he might not be in the limelight but NEWS are still hot about him and the public (like me) is longing for his comeback…thanks again!

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