Ha Ji Won Moves On in White?

Ha Ji Won’s latest outings in white – for an April 6 premiere, then again in a white dress in an Olay Event is drawing some media attention (and a white suit shopping for jewelry at Cartier).   The clean, white look is giving her a purely and simply feminine look (as with her long locks for an interview which we discussed early on).   This is in contrast to the action-filled, boyish charisma she projected for Secret Garden and also the CFs that shortly came after it.

It appears that Ha Ji Won may be moving on from her Gil Ra Im character by donning these chic outfits that give off the feminine charm.

But that she’s opting for white makes this author feel as if there’s a hidden message behind it… hmm, what could it be Ji Won-ssi?

Credits: BNT via Nate


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  1. ji won really looks amazing!!! she’s so versatile… she can be boyish then one day a very chic one… love her much!!! again thanks alou!!!

  2. Yes it is indeed a hidden message to a certain Mr Kim. If she looks like good in just anything white imagine how stunningly beautiful she’ll look in her wedding dress.

  3. if it is just a mere change of character or look in order to move on from her gil ra im character, why choose to wear just one color of dresses for several events.. this really means something. a hidden message to all of us, giving us another hint.. haha
    btw, hjw might not be as pretty as a goddess nor has a perfect beauty (i’m not saying she’s not beautiful, she is but it’s not only her beauty that makes her standout) but her undeniable charm could definitely beat anyone even with the most beautiful faces. HA JI WON YOU ROCK!

  4. Andddd…, she also wore white when visiting Cartier last month.

  5. and she also wore white on april 16 fan signing event!

  6. Hi everyone, like all your comments as I totally agree with them as well.

    the reason she’s donning white right now is that it connotes one’s persons purity, sincerity and loyalty.

    White looks good on HJW i m sure as other colors too. Ive seen her last year olay event she’s wearing a black dress. so maybe she wanted to show up on another color. but also i like to believed that she’s sending someone special a hidden message and in war putting a white flag means peace and surrender…so it may also means everything with her is at peace and that she’s totally surrendering her life to HB when he gets back???? well these were just base on color meaning…we need to wait until april 22nd to know the answer to our lingering questions..would they or wouldn’t they meet??? let the magic begins again on that day and let their fate be sealed with being able to be together even for a few days….lets wish them more funfilled breaks for both of them are working hard. they both deserve the time to be together without the papparazzi hanging around their tails…

    betty, thanks for your message…glad to know your ok.. God bless us all..

  7. Yes, she hadn’t quit on the ‘white’ yet. Last she was seen was at a Crocodile event where she wore a white/ecru-ish top with black stripes.

    And just found out that her next event will be for a kids’ art festival on April 30. Looks like this woman is saving up room between now and April 30 for ‘something’.

    Like Ana, I wish they can get real ‘breaks’ away from the paparazzi.

  8. @earthprincess2, indeed she is saving those days for her hyun bin.. she knows she should give him reward as he have done great job in his training., or maybe on that day that they will meet she would say to him: “is that the best? are you sure?” haha
    hope hyun bin would have a private but meaningful vacation with our amazing yeoja:)

    • yes, indeed aira, hyun bin deserves a private and meaningful vacation with our amazing yeoja…they both deserve privacy they need in times like this. yes, when HJW say that to HB its with a kiss and a hug as well for such honors deserved such affection for amazing namja…i told you i m not hoping they would meet right away…but in private…i just hope a fan or waitress or someone who would see them have a good camera to capture that special moment of our amazing couple….it would be great to see here in the internet that for sure will break all the box office record in korea ha haha….and HJW would suddenly be voted as the top most popular stars with HB….good day everyobe….hope to read good tidings tomorrow here…lets keep watch at baidu site for sure they will have lots of juicy things to catch…

  9. The suspense is killing me…..wahhhhhhh

    • nnylanna, its not the suspense thats killing me its the waiting we know that his agency car picked him up instead of his parents….i was hoping if his parents pick him up HJW would be tucked or hidden inside so the reporters wont see her..ha ha just like betty’s imagination…anyway, no news doesn’t mean nothing, the more the quieter the reporter the more I am waiting for some explosive news…as they say quiet waters runs deep…wait till his 5 days off is over we will then see what really transpired and how did HB spent his most precious days off…lets hope and wished that one of that precious day was spent alone with our amazing yeoja….baidu fans were counting on you guys…let your spy do some wonder and take some really good pics for us to see…thanks and keep blogging….

  10. Is she going for a white outfit again tonight at the Baeksang? Hahah, really curious with this suddenly white stuff lately. I am not complaining because she looks great in any color!

    • Imud, you are right again dear, she’s wearing a white top with black flowing skirt i wonder whose her designer this time….she’s looking gorgeous and really sexy…lost a lot of weight too?? too much table tennis practice??? or because she’s missing her oppa binnie ha ha ha ha..

      anyway, Imud i couldn’t go to our new castle?? send me info in Yahoo group pls thanks…missed you all guys..

      take care and God bless you all!!

  11. imud, yayaya!!!! she always looks stunning, charming, dazzling on the red carpet, whatever she wore!

  12. Hahaaa…,yes, Midori, ahh, three more hours to go, hwaitinggg, all the best for our amazing yeoza!

  13. yes me too. i am soo excited for the scoop. what will she say in her speech if ever? i hope she’ll give another hint. haha.

  14. ohmygawd! have u guys watched the video of Tang Wei’s speech? presented by our dear Ha Ji Won? when the interpreter mentioned HB’s name HJW made a face also Tang Wei and Tang Wei looked at HJW. hmm. Tang wei knows something. hahaha. i bet she wouldnt do that if nothing’s going on between HB and HJW what do you think?.. omo, omo! i love it! 😀

  15. i min, speech in her best actress award which was presented by HJWssi. haha. i’m a little excited here. 😀

    • Hi Si Ako, yeah, i saw that, i was like,omooo…, those two. And guess what, I suddenly think of HB, if he watched that on tv at his camp, what came to his mind, i mean, he has kissed them both, aishhh…*^%#@!!!

      BTW Si Ako, have you checked your mailbox in soompi *wink*? I belive there was a secret love mail for you, heheh!

      • yes imud. i saw it just a while back. thank ou so much. it’s really so kind of you to message me. i’v bin accepted at YG but i am still going through every post there. i dont wana miss anything. hehe. i really appreciate it.

        all i can say is, it is really so sweet of HJW to initiate the hug w/ TW. i think more than anything, TW proved that HJW is really one great person. if i were her i wud be so deeply touched. for someone like TW who is chinese in a Korean crowd of celebrities, to be congratulated sincerely by one great great actress like HJW, i think i wud even cry. thumbs up to HJW. she has really the purest heart and intentions.

  16. have we moved? I’m lost!

  17. Hi! Everyone here..Hope I’m welcome in this blog…I started following HJW/HB just recently because of SEGA. HJW is really such an amazing woman and I like her with HB they make a cute couple. Also, I almost watched all the M/V, news related to them.

    I, too is wondering Y HJW loves to wear White Color…was it related in their last episode of SEGA as someone mentioned here b4. Anw, I want to join in your yahoo group please let me know on how can i get there. Thank you…

  18. Hi Feliciana, Ha Ji Won has stopped wearing white after the Baeksang Award, dunno why. I love her with white outfit, so elegant.

    Hi Si Ako, a.k.a C…. *wink* yes, I am happy to see Ha Ji Won was so friendly and sweet to Tang Wei. I can see them being good friends in the future.

    • Hi! Imud :)…Yeah you’re she stopped wearing white color. Anw, lets just hope in the end that there’s really something between these two.

      • Hi! Imud 🙂 …Yeah you’re right she stopped wearing white color. Anw, lets just hope in the end that there’s really something between these two.

    • haha. Imud, you never fail to make me smile. and i have a clone here? we have thesame name. *chloe.. *hi chloe, *wave!
      aniweiz, HJW, she is genuinely nice right? she knows how to appreciate. i don’t know but i’m drawn to her now more than ever. more because of her personality. and i think this is getting more and more strange because i’m a girl for goodness sake. haha. yeah. i don’t love HJw, i totally, completely adore her. i wish i’d get to meet her someday. *praying

  19. aiyoh! the poster is white ..

  20. dear imud, will the genuine fan find it difficult to join The SEGA International.. i have difficulty finding the hint here or maybe i’m blur!haha!!
    I am happy to post my thoughts here sometime cos the last time I hv some problem posting.

  21. @Si Ako, yes, we have Chloe in the house! Ahaa…, will the real slim chloe please stand up? the real shady please stand up? Hehehe… just kidding guys, plz don’t blame my music taste, k?

    @Feliciana, i think she’ll have another fan meeting real soon. Let’s hope she’ll be in white again. Oh well, what’s wrong with me, coz any color will do great actually for our amazing yeoza! 😀

    @Eonnie Betty, “Gggotcha!!!” *wink wink*

    • lol. @IMUD.. u r definitely funny. and it’s cute. haha

    • @imud Thanks for the info I’ll definitely wait for it lol. As what @Si Ako said u make us always smile every time u posted interesting here about HJW-ssii. Hope we could see each other in the 2013 wedding of the decade…lol…just my wishful thinking..Love that woman with that man…toinkk…

  22. Dear Imud, can you show me the way to join YG? Btw, are you Indo? Sorry if I’m wrong, cause in Indo language Imud mean small & cute.

    • Oh Yuri really sorry that i can’t show you the shortcut, Dear, you have to find it by yourself. Just read those old comments here, you’ll have fun reading them all and definitely helping you finding your way into YG.

      • @imud, how can I describe you? Well, I guess your such a nice person. you’re the only one here I saw a comment and did made a response on how to get there in YG eventhough we have to find it on our own…I salute you for that… Kamsahamnida…

        • Ahahaa…gumawoyo, Feliciana Dearest, you make my day :D. I am just one of Alou’s cheerleaders who loves to camp here, like, all the time, kekekekee

          • adrielle anne s nueca

            i love secret the wish sana makita kona ang secret garden sa pumunta nman sla sa mall of asia

      • Thanks Imud, I’d found it, maybe I’ll try in the future. Salam damai.

  23. Ha ji won… Ha ji won and to everyone got a message ^_^_^ she’s a simple korean actress but amazing and cool..=D=D=D hope i was i korean…..ahn nyeong HJW …. =D=D=D

  24. I seldom visit this site but I find the time to check the latest news/infos about them..For me, I’ll always be a fan of HJW/HB even from my hectic sched..

  25. Love HB and HJW

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