Ha Ji Won – Certified EomChinTtal? Amazing Yeoja Since Birth…

This is probably not the first we hear of this if you have always been a Ha Ji Won fan. If not, the time has come that Ha Ji Won’s primary and secondary school report card and yearbook photos are creating buzz in Korean media!  Ha Ji Won’s early life had been exposed via the 18th broadcast of the SBS “Good Morning” show.  Looks like we are going to be seeing a continuation of the show that stated with the Olay interview last week (Please stay tuned!)

And with these photos, netizens and media persons in South Korea alike are branding uri Ha Ji Won as a true ‘eomchinttal’ .  Eom-chin-ttal is the Korean abbreviation/slang for “Mother’s friend’s daughter” – typically given to someone who is so amazing that your own mother keeps comparing you with that person.

Why is Ha Ji Won an “Eomchinttal”?  Because her early progress report cards show someone who had been multiple times elected as either class vice president or president, got straight aces in school marks, and received high praises from faculty.   Her high school teacher even went on to say that even if her acting career was already starting out, she still sincerely wanted to go to school and didn’t want to miss a single day of school.

Her yearbook photo shows a transcendent beauty — someone who had looked as beautiful as she is now even before.

Now, tell me, how can someone not fall in love with such an amazing woman?  Eomchinttal indeed!

Credit: Bloomberg SPN via Nate


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  1. so true,aint no body like her in this world.she’s the one and only one an amazing yeoja ^^

  2. Alou, what you have just said and written down here were all TRUE and more. that’s why all the men be young and old really likes her. Her leading men in the past and in the future have nothing to say but all the good things about her looks, her heart her sould and her behaviour towards other people are totally examplary thus making her an exceptional and amazing namja and the best EOMCHINTTAL indeed. May she find what her heart desires and that she’ll find a good man who will love her endlessly till the end of time. Hope that guy is the amazing namja….for the amazing yoeja deserves the same kind….Eomchinttal indeed deserves the best of all the best….I am sure HB is the best….

  3. @anna i always love to read ur comment.u r such an amazing ji won and binnie’s fan ^^ my wish is same with urs.always wishes the best for ji won unnie.

    • thanks hope we’ll be able to continue to be amazing fans for our HB and HJW couple…. glad to have other people who shared the same thoughts and wishes for our ji won unnie and hyun bin oppa…aren’t you excited for tomorrow?? i m…

  4. she is really flawless!. an amazing yeoja has to be with amazing namja. do you still remember when reporter asked her to give a message to HB?, she said n hope that HB to be amazing namja, for me it’s a hint!.
    seems HB has good first impression to her since hjw ever said that to start relationship with her the 1st impression is important. i never seen hjw could be closed with other leading men before. and i think she keeps busy in these two years while waiting HB discharged on december 2012, she has only two years. why?, she once said that she doesn’t mind at all to leave screen after geting marriage. is that their commitment?, who knows…., my wild imagination works again,…wonbin couple forever!.
    oh i’ll miss this page for couple days, tomorrow heading to bali for attending my cousin’s wedding. ah…bali will make hjw’s shadow surrounding me more n more…”kim soo amo gobugigu…ha ha ha…

  5. Wow! It’s nice to hear you’re going on a semi-vacation to bali @WonSGBin! Have lots of fun in Bali, and think of our couple as your friends exchange their vows. 🙂 See you when you get back!!

  6. wow!!! that’s why i like her a lot… she looks so simple, very down to earth, funny and yet she has a lot to offer!!! thanks for the post… iloveit!!

  7. Hi guys! i miss all of u and ur comments,its only for 4 days that i haven’t check our fanpage but it seems like forever!!i really hate my job(kidding!).Btw really love this post,it is only proof that Hajiwon really deserve all the title that she have on her belt…best actress,amazing yeoja and now Certified EomChinTtal,really impressive.
    Beauty and brain huh!, i think i know what will hyun bin might say after seeing this post,you can certainly run for miss Korea.he3.

  8. Firstly I would like to thank Alou for the NEW format and your hard work, frankly speaking its easier for me. Is really worth a million you enjoy feeding us with first hand news and we enjoy pouring out discussions here. Pls guys make this a NO.1 HB/HJW secret garden fan page.No.1 thread and No.1 site is like a dose of drug ..you have get a shot daily. I am enjoying myself so much here that my computer is giving trouble for the pass few days.i can only type that much and it hang.. now i need time to digest all the past discussion and comments.
    Now coming back to our beloved HJW, she is multi-task, multi-talent and very responsble young lady( as i understand the older generation woman are all multi-task but not the younger generation corect me if i’m wrong)when KJW ask her ‘since when have you become so pretty “(she like tis phrase) she reply during an interview shyly since birth and i totally agree.She As since young and well brought up with a compassionate attitude , she started her own charity foundations (1023)very early and i really admiire her for that. She is humble and never boast abt her achievements,her top grades in school and always think of others before herself.TO be frank she is the only actress that i admire and love.My family are teasing me abt my craziness for her.
    @wonSgbin,don’t make me confuse now Wonbin or couple Wonbin forever ? COOl Wonbin will he stand a chance now haha !!kidding!!!he is forever a cool guy ..yeah they should work on Mr n Mrs. Smith but that will reak HB’s heart to much action!
    Ana , iam still kicking!!! miss you guys really and ana’s long comments!
    One more hint HJW said during an interview abt her dressing in SEGA, she said she accessorized herself with bright colour trackshoes and headphones for her tomboyish character.HB is wearing the same type of trackshoes and bright colours shoelaces too.
    Looks like you guys have founded a “GOLDMINE in BAIDU”yes indeed they have quickest info and photos.Thats all for now ..Finger cross 4more day AMAZING NAMJA IS GOING TO MEET AMAZING YEOJA!
    She is the yeoja every mother-in-law would love to bring home and is very proud to have her.

  9. HJW, beauty +brain Thats how amzing she is , i cannot find another actress like her at the moment.I saw her past interview and the making of the ‘Duelist’ kang dong wan indirectly love to stare at her too. HJW has that type of sweet and cuteness that when you are with her is irresitable.Duelist is a beautiful and colourful movie and I like her expression its so cute and funny.

    • betty, hello dear I am glad to read your very articulate messages here. I missed them just want you to know that…hope and pray that your computer would not break down now HBin’s vacation is almmost there…
      as always you’re very good in noticing small bit of action between our amazing couple…yeah, ive noticed that HB also wearing bright colored shoes and laces during the SeGa. ive watched KDW with HJW during the press con though he looked to her with admiration but HJW was not as conscious as she was with HB. she couldn’t even looked HB straight into the eyes. even KDW said that even if you called her noona, she’s the kind of noona that’s cool and in the end he said that he admired HJW in her dedication as an actress in the way she played her role. i hope if ever HJW will make a movie like Mr n Mrs Smith I hope its with HB and not with Won Bin…for sure HB would also be great in action movies. and also i hope the end would not be like they will be gonna killing each other…i love happy ending not a tragic or unhappy ending..also whenever HJW qouted some of their scripts in SeGa i feel like she’s trying to recapture the feeling she had with HB didn’t you notice that when she said that she laughed out loud to hide her deeper emotions….because if not she would falter again….now i think were really getting closer to really find what’s the real score between them. how come that even though they are afar from each other it seems that fate would make a way for them to remember the time they have shared??? isn’t that really nice??? why HJW would suddenly qoute and said those scripts whhich was qouted by HB out of the blue??? when she could have said something else??? this really makes me think twice dear friends and bloggers correct me if I am wrong with my assumptions but really the more i think about all her interviews and reactions and gestures and answers i would arrived in one conclusion…HB is someone special to HJWon’s heart…well well lets wait until tomorrow…betty i couldn’t sleep ha ha ha i m so excited….wish i dont have to go out tomorrow so i could stay online for up dates regarding HBin’s 5 days off…

      Alou thank you so much…we know that you would also be the first one to inform us of whatever would be the happening in Korea tomorrow….whatever happen we will continue coming here as HJW and HB fans and supporters….go go HB go go to HJW….yaaayyyyyy!!! (just like GRI when she got married to KJW).. have a great weekend ahead…

      betty, don’t worry if your family teases you after all they sure like HJW that’s why they are teasing you too…

      @wonSGbin, hope you will enjoyed your cousin’s wedding in Bali..don’t worry, HBin and HJWon’s spirit will be there to cheer you knowing you’re waiting for good news here of their first secret meeting after HBin’s training…we know that they surely missing each other…and that HB has getting all the messages the HJW has been sending his way…its coded but were able to decipher thanks to all the videos, interviews and pics we have watched and rewatched…take care

      • ana, i can’t sleep too coz i am countingdown till 22nd April, waiting what would be happened, anybody can predict what will be?, 5days will be precious for us as the amazing couple fans. although i don’t expected too much but i’m really curious n holding my breath till alou feeding us tomorrow n tomorrow with information.
        yeah, i enjoyed bali, n every angle of bali reminds me always to this amazing couple n make a wish for them (wonder why not HJW/JIS)

        • @wonSgbin, ooooh you are so sweet.. wishes will comes true for sure, finger cross.. good news yeah!Really Hope that one day they will come across this site ,like how they got connected.Looks lke guys working with her before is founded in dramascenes now .. what a coincidence.

  10. 2 thumbs up!totally agree betty, hajiwon’s charisma is really irresistable,seeing her bunny eyes and bright smile really makes our day!hope she finds her happiness and true love soon(shes not getting any younger),wish all the best for her. ok i’m going to check that interview with kang dong won,thanks betty.

  11. ha ji won is just the best.. not just in her school and acting but with her determination and passion. and one more thing we all love about her is her personality. a very humble and funny woman indeed.. hope i have a sister like her
    @betty those shoes you were talking about is also one of the million reasons why i like sega., i like their shoes and yeah they were like couple shoes:)) also don’t worry about your family teasing you.. we are all the same, having so much admiration to our amazing yeoja and also of course to our amazing namja who will soon have his vacation.. hope he misses our hjw so much that the only thing that makes him excited for his vacation is to see and hug her amazing woman!
    @wonSGbin hope you have a safe trip. ENJOY bali:)
    @gene definitely, hjw could be miss korea:)

  12. Here is the lastest translate interview on 18 april on sbs, by
    Ha Ji Won -SBS Live Entertainment Express
    By Secret Garden Korean Drama 시크릿 가든


  13. Ha Ji-Won is really amazing. She is certainly every Mother’s dream daughter, and every man’s dream. Can’t wait for the time that Hyeon Bin and Ha JI-Won to be together in real life:)

  14. whoah..just two days,but i feel long time not see you guys here in this sweet home page….
    @earthprincess2 n aira, thanks so much, of course i enjoyed bali. this wonbin couple had exchanged their vows each other to live together for the last n spent honeymoon there. poor me, it was wild imagination carrying me away while my cousin did it…huff(blowing my cheek)
    @betty, not only you, my hubby n friends also teased me concerning this name “wonbin couple”,ha..ha..ha.. can’t blame you, even i can’t still believe how did HB get in to replace WB as HJW’s partner in my heart, mind n now in prayer. it never happened to me before, even when all my friends got HJW/JIS virus during WHIB fever.(mianhae wonbin-ssi, but you always #1 cool namja.., chukae hyunbin-ssi, you’re amazing namja!)
    but i believe GOD bestowed HIS miracle by showing us hints through many coincidences, gestures n moves of this amazing couple. WONBIN couple forever!

  15. she is so amazing and admiring to all man and women!!!her acting is the best!!!! take care always…our wonvin!!!!go!go!go


  16. damsel-in-distress

    hi everyone…im just a new fan of ha ji won and hyun Bin. Actually i never
    knew him until SeGa…It’s been quite a while since the series ended here in
    the Philippines but still can’t get over with the couple…I keep on
    watching korean showbiz news hoping to hear some updates from them…

    Hoping on reading more updates from here….(Alou thanx a lot!!)

  17. Hope ha ji won hyun bin be real couple.from bali indonesia

  18. hai…guys how are you today.i wanna tell you a secret not just wonSGbin have teased the famly me too cause i;m realy-realy crazy about this couple like i wrote before hope .they meet again in .screen and be real couple…..woow

  19. HJW unnie is always the best.. The “Eomchinttal” of the Hallyu stars ^_^

  20. Hjw has amazing smile…I really love her smile…

  21. ellow, unni i’m from the philippines wow i can’t believe you are that amazing… i adore you since in memories of bali, hwang jini, secret garden, it’s been aired in my country and now your latest drama the king 2 hearts… may you have more project to come… saranghae… i love you… mahal kita in our language…:))

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