Hyun Bin & Kim Tae Hee – Most Popular Actors in First Half of 2011?

With 2011 reaching its halfway point, the LPR Investigation Study held a survey to pick the year’s most popular Korean celebrities so far. The survey drew 1,321 voters from five major regions of the nation, with ages ranging from 13 to 65.

For the male category, the results crowned Hyun Bin in first place with 30.6% of the votes.  The actor gained mass popularity from the drama “ Secret Garden”, and his recent enlistment with the marines allowed him to remain as a hot topic for both fans and the general public.

Actor Won Bin came in second with 20.6% of the votes; he was followed by Jang Dong Gun (14.0%),Kang Dong Won (8.2%), So Ji Sub (6.9%), Jung Woo Sung (5.9%), and Jang Hyuk (4.8%).

As for the ladies, Kim Tae Hee landed 1st place with 18.6% of the votes, thanks to her leading role in MBC’s “My Princess”. Trailing behind her were Ha Ji Won (11.7%), Shin Min Ah (11.1%), Lee Min Jung (10.4%), Song Hye Kyo (8.3%), and Kim Hye Soo (6.6%).

So, do you guys agree with the rankings for both categories? Who would you have voted for if you disagreed with the top picks?

Credits: Allkpop


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  1. i m sure by the end of 2011 it would be HB and HJW in the front line….wait till HJW realeased all her movies and we will know who is really famous…i know that HJW has lots of supporter so I am not losing hope for those koreans to really vote for HJW as their most popular star…go HJW go fight fight….we’ll see what will happened after april 22..

  2. hyun bin-ssi you’re amazing could make my “won’cool’bin” on the 2nd place.you deserved too. but why kth?, i think, no offense her fans at all, she is most popular b’coz “my princess” just ended n still fresh in people minds while voting, moreover she’s known as the most beautiful among korean actress. congratz her anyway.

  3. Heart wrenching watching this video, hope HJW can take it…Hb is so skinny and his voice is so coarse… OMG WHAT TYPE OF TRAINING IS THIS!I dun think our navy here is this tough!!!!

    • thanks for the link! he looks super tired and skinny. and his voice is just…… omg heartbreaking seeing this 😦

    • OH, I could not view the link. Marine training is really hard. They will try to break you down, physically, emotionally, and mentally, that’s what the challenge is.That’s according to what I read and from my nephew.

    • betty, for sure when HB chooses to go to Marines to serve he knows what he would be getting…so don’t be discouraged our amazing namja wouldn’t be called amazing and cool if would not be able to show to others that he can still stay cool even under rigid training…its only his voice give him few days off he’ll be back in his true form..specially if HJW would be there to support him more so others would follow his footsteps…just like HJW who is called eomchinttal hyun bin uppa has to show more than he ever showed…i m proud of HB seeing this videos only shows how much a TRUE and AMAZING NAMJA he can be to himself and to all the other trainees…keep up the good work and hope to hear more good reviews from the marine headquarters about your training…God will watch you closely and stay healthy….aja aja aja..

  4. Kim Tae Hee as most popular. What just bcuz of My P? D series is not even as popylar as SeGa. And hello she hasn’t even had a box office movie hit. Also, I’ve seen her as d villain in stairways 2 heaven & love in harvard. Definitely has done a bit on herself esp d mouth area. U can tell I’m not a fan.

  5. hanan manasra

    Serial secret garden the most beautiful series I’ve seen and liked a lot, especially the series champion, Kim Joo-won and I hope that we see in Jordan because he has many fans and the first fan I am

  6. THE FUCK?? Yoon Eun Hye aint here?? 😦

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