(translation) SBS Live Entertainment Express – Ha Ji Won’s Secret to Success

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On April 18th, SBS’s “Live Entertainment Express” featured Ha Ji Won’s secrets to success and here are the translations for the program.

Ha Ji Won’s rules in the entertainment industry in Korea.

#1. If she plays roles like a poor (meaning she engages in heavy drama) or has action scenes in the dramas or movies, the dramas and movies are really popular.
Some examples,
Something Happened in Bali – Ratings 40.4%
Haundae (Tidal Wave) – 10 milion attendances in the theater
Damo – rating 24.2%
Secret Garden – Highest rating 35.2%

#2. Actors who played with Ha Ji Won are popular after finishing dramas or movies with her.
Some examples, Hyun Bin, Gang Dong Won, Kim Jae Won, Yeon Jung Hoon, Jo In Sung, So Ji Sub, Kwon Sang Woo.
Q1. The most magical moment in your life?
The fact that I played as a lead actress is a magic to me.
Ha Ji Won practiced boxing 8hours per day for 3 months for Miracle on the 1st street movie.

Q2. How hard did she practice boxing?(Yoon Je Gyun Director)
I visited the gym where she was practicing boxing by surprise.
She was sparring in the ring and I was so surpised because I thought that she was a real boxing player. I thought that she was really great as she put all of herself into (the movie )

Q3. What about Ha Ji Won’s basic physical fitness?(Ha Ji Won’s physical trainer)
She is one of the top 3 who have the most muscles among normal people and celebrities.

Q4. What is her reason for a taking a lot of action scenes?
I’d like to challege things that others don’t and conquer and win them. And I am dreaming about flying in the sky, so I will really do.

Q5. Meanwhile Ha Ji Won appears to not have any scandals? (Entertainment reporter)
Compared to her recognition, she didn’t have scandals, so she is the one who we wonder if she is dating someone in secret and try to find that out.

Q6. How did you come up with your stage name, Ha Ji Won?
The name of president’s first lover at the agency.

Q7. You got good grades in elementary school?
I was greedy(in a good way) and competitive. If I didn’t write a diary playing outside as a kid, I came home to write my diary and then went outside for paying again.

Q8. How was her elementary school life like?
As a classroom president, she was so competitive against other classes. She is jack of all trades, so she was pretty good at drawing pictures , writing letters and doing exercise.

Q9. What did her high school life look like?
She was exemplary and a role model student.

Q10. Was she pretty in high school?
Among teachers, they all thought that Ha Ji Won was the prettiest.

Q11. What was her life in high school after her debut ?
She had never been absent and late at school. For example, the day after filming at night, she was never late.

Achievement Review
Grand Bell Film Awards in 2000 – “Truth Game” over New actress award.
Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2009 –“Closer to Heaven” over the first Best Actress Award.

Q12. If you didn’t pursue acting…
I feel I’m not living the life of others in dramas and movies. The life of movies and dramas is all my life.
If I did not act…. I can not imagine it. I can only do acting not anything else.

Q13. Would you have had plenty of dangerous moments while shooting?
I prayed not to hurt or injure before I went to the shooting place. When I look back, I am shaking.

Q14. Please tell me about actress Ha Ji-won as you worked together on the Miracle on the 1st street.(Martial arts director)
She fell down due to her pain while acting and she rarely says she is in pain. I asked her to take some times off, but she said, ”No. I will continue because I should do it by myself.

Q15. The reason I like the word ‘cool’? 
Doesn’t the word ‘cool’ contain the meaning of beautiful? Hahahaha … (Editor’s note:  The Korean word used in this case for ‘cool is ‘mutjida’ or ‘motji’ as was frequently told to Gil Ra Im – which is kind of like “you’re attractive, you’re hot” so it also means ‘beautiful’ )
I’d like to look more proactive and powerful woman rather than cause protective instincts since I was little.  (Editor’s note: She means she would rather look independent than have some other people always try to protect her ever since she was little)

Q16. The role you want to play 20 years later?
I want to play in the melo (drama or movie) like a lovely woman wearing overalls like Meryl Streep (even after 20 years). I wish there is any director who wants to cast me at that time. Hahaha…  (Editor’s note:  She wants to play a role similar to Mamma Mia)

******Ha Ji-won’s Secret to Success*****
“The fighting spirit in her whole body”

All rights reserved. Secret Garden Korean Drama 시크릿 가든

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  1. whaaaaa thanks for this!!!
    I love her comments about liking the word cool. she is 100% Gil RaIm, seriously.
    and how does she stay so humble even after so many awards and so much praise.. *bow down to her*

  2. it’s true…, nothing n no one can compare to this amazing yeoja, that’s why make we crazier when we know her more n more..

  3. while i was watching HJW during this interview you can feel her excitement all throughout the interview she was never bored nor afraid to answer all the questions the host given her..she’s very articulate and very honest with her words. i admired her that she wanted to be like Meryl Streep doing a la Mama Mia movie, hopefully HB could be her leading man there too since both of them could really sings well so atcually HJW is giving the producer and thw writer some ideas of what could be the perfect role for her and HB in the future when they are older…i m looking forward to that day…i m sure HJW would be as good no probably better singer then as well as HB…hope they are married and have kids then too ha ha ha wild imaginations running amok again sorry…..just cant help getting carried away….but seriously speaking..HJW really is one heck of a woman, she;s really COOL and AMAZING..on top of that she still humble and willing to learn more and accept more challenging roles that would really leaved a good memory to her fans as well to the Korean movie industry….bravo and go go HJW..stay COOL as ever..

  4. this one of her beautiful and memorable interview. you can sense her much love and passion in regards to her work.She’s definitely an amazing woman,actress, and a wonderful person.lov u HJW 4rever!

  5. Amazing yeoja with amazing attitude,,,

  6. i love hajiwon she is totally the best,very passionate and humble.truly an amazing person, im proud to be a fan of this great actress,wish her good health and safety always and success too.

  7. hajiwonj hyunbin ur the best couple luv u very much

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