Hyun Bin a.k.a Kim Tae Pyung – Marines Training Preview

From Alou’s TDS.

A documentary about Marine Corps 1137 is to be broadcast on the 27th via KTV, and Hyun Bin by his own name Kim Tae Pyeong mentions in this video that he is slowly bonding with others.

On 21st, according to KTV Hyun Bin shared with the producer, he goes through tough training, shares hardship and happiness with other fellow soldiers. As time passes, he is bonding with others and he is living very well.

KTV will broadcast this documentary “South Korean 1137, that man’s choice” on 27th at 10.30pm.

The producer mentions this documentary mainly focuses on the training of 1137 Marine Corps, including Hyun Bin as Kim Tae Pyeong’s interview as well as his daily life.

A preview video is shown, footage of Hyun Bin with other trainees are shown. After 5 weeks of training, the scene where Hyun Bin receives his red badge is also shown.


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  1. Oh my, Hyeon Bin lost some weight. He looks like a high school student, with thin face. Really tough training. Although, I know, that’s how it is, but it breaks my heart, to look at his face. But at the same time, I really admire and respect him, for taking this challenge.

  2. Fell pain in my heart to see him look like this …aigoo.. but “That Man” make me so proud to become just a ordinary soldier. Rest well and eat well during this 5days 4night break and make sure spare some time to see your “Amazing Yeoja”!!

    • feel sad just looking at him from the video but feel proud too because he was able to passed the training with honors and with such determination. Kim Tae Pyong indeed is an amazing namja…hope that the 5 days of break from the training would definitely perk him again and being able to have time to come out and meet our amazing yeoja…can’t wait to see them together again after SeGa…wished that the reporter would also ask HB a message for HJW for cheering him in his military service…i wonder what he would gonna say to her?? would he give hints also??? lets wait and see then…

  3. …0글씨 확대글씨 축소

    현빈이 23일 4박5일간 짧지만 ‘꿀맛 같은’ 휴가를 맞는다.

    22일 경북 포항 해병대 교육훈련단에서 신병훈련을 마친 현빈은 곧바로 인천 백령도 6여단으로 이동해 간단한 신고식까지 치렀다.

    Secret Garden Korean Drama 시크릿 가든 I already knew this article and was waiting for some his photos.

    He finished training in Pohang and already moved to BackReung island on April 22. Fans are very interested in his schedule during his vacation that officially starts April 23 for 5 days.

    23일부터 4박5일간은 현빈의 자유일정이다. 드라마 ‘시크릿가든’에 출연한 후 해병대 입대까지 숱한 화제를 뿌린 그였기에 휴가에 무엇을 하며 보낼지도 팬들의 관심이 쏠려있다.

    현 빈의 소속사 관계자에 따르면 아직 그의 휴가 일정은 공개되지 않았다. 이 관계자는 “입대 후에 현빈과 연락할 수 방법이 없었기 때문에 알 수는 없다”면서 “고된 훈련과 짧은 휴가일정을 감안해 집에서 조용히 휴식을 취하지 않을까 한다”고 말했다.

    이어 “입대하는 날도 현빈이 만류해 부모님이 마중하지 못해서 안타까운 마음이 컸다. 이번엔 부모님이 직접 그를 데리러 갈 가능성이 크다”고 설명했다.

    그는 휴가를 마친 후 자대에 복귀해 전투병으로 군 생활을 한다. 서해 최전방인 백령도 6여단에서 상륙기습훈련에 참가해 기본 전투기술 등을 익힐 예정이다.

    Hyun Bin’s agency said that his schedule is not announced yet and guessed that he will rest at home due to hard training and short vacation. Also the agency said that it is high possibility that Hyun Bin’s parents will pick up Hyun Bin beca…use… his parents didn’t see him off when Hyun Bin entered Marines Corps on March 7th(Hyun Bin didn’t want them to see him off). After his vacation is over, he will go back to front-line in Back Reung island as a combat soldier and attend Amphibious raid training to learn combat skills.


    • Betty, Happy Easter too!!! thanks for telling me about this article…you’re really great when it comes to first hand info about our amazing couple. anyway, i was thinking if HBin’s parents are going to pick him up maybe HJW would go along with them in the car too and go straight to their home to rest and have a private time with our ji won unnie…just to savor the time being together and to reflect on their time being separated…wow my mind is running wild again…keep hoping for a positive news 5 days is a long time for us to search and short time for these two amazing couple….you know the saying that time flies fast when you’re having a great time with someone and time goes to slow when you’re getting bored…..i m sure HB wont have that boredomed if he’s with our amazing yeoja….yaaayyyyy!!! just like GRI….

  4. HyunBin must become most sought-after actor after his military service for sure after WonBin…not all soldiers, including other sections of military are able to work on amphibious training which requires excellent scores during basic training that mades me so proud of him indeed..such good role models of HB&HJW, both deserve lovely fate & destiny.

    • Antie, after HBin’s training in the military now for sure HJWon’s making a movie like Mr and Mrs Smith can come true…after all HB had all the actual and hands on training as a true soldier to top it all a true first class marksman as well. who can beat that??? hope that writer Kim can read our blogs in here and take note of all our ideas into consideration to come up a really good movie or another super amazing kdrama after HBin’s military service is over…like all HB and HJW fans can’t wait for that time….

  5. If I could Like your comment Antie, I would. 🙂 I call these two – the Amazings. Amazing Yeoja + Amazing Namja = Amazing Couple with an equally Amazing Community of shippers. No?

    • yeah, indeed where the Amazing community of these two amazing people..amazing yeoja + amazing namja = amazing friendship in the end amazing marriage ha ha ha…still waiting for that amazing news yet to come…keeping our fingers cross in here…

  6. I’m back. Gee! It’s hard 2 abstein frm something that u automatically do 1st thing in d am at last thing u do @ night. So, no news yet. I suppose today is officially our amazing namja’s 1st rest day. thank u ladies for an update.

    • glad to know your back nnylanna, as you can see were all here standing by waiting for someone to post something about this much awaited days off our amazing namja, they said HB would be pick up by his parents how i wished HJW unnie would accompany his parents so he would jump for joy right away and say yaaayyyyyy as cute as GRI when he sees her after the rigourous training he had undergo…he deserves the private moment with his family and HJW for working so diligently hard in the training..i think he surpassed the training because of HJW cheering him to enjoy the military life like as if making a movie, stay safe and healthy which he did and much more come out an amazing namja which he had become since meeting HJW…

  7. he looked so tired yet he seems fulfilled though he still have to train for several months after his 5 days break.I hope we could get some juicy info about his break, for sure he would call up ha ji won for them to have a private moment together!

  8. Hi guys, you what runs tru my mind when i read that Hb’s parent is picking him
    up…HJW hide in the back sit to avoid the media so that they can meet up when
    they reach home… crazy idea !
    Did you guys notice that both are equally skinny.. due to tough training on both
    side…missing each other very much?Its really tough on them when it just
    started to BLOSSOM and he has to leave for two yrs. When HB said that he envy
    KJW for hiring a jet for GRI… the mc reply you can do it in future and HB
    replied , CAN I?MC..yes of course, both of you are on fire.
    @antie,amphibious training is the toughest in navy for all i know.Koreans are
    guys born tough and strong … HB will be korea ‘s no 1 motivator in marines.HE
    will gain more than he deserved “LOVE AND MORE LOVE aft he completed his marines

    • I keep on repeating that interview. It makes me smile:)

    • Betty, we definitely have the same mind when it comes to this couple. ive told my friend here that how would HB feel if he saw HJW hidden in the car with his parents. or maybe if the agency car picked him up HJW was their in disguised so nobody would see her….ha ha ha really we have the same thoughts running wild…yeah, i think the reason both are skinny is because they are missing each other so much. that they have to be apart when they just found each other. yes, i remembered that interview at first i didn’t understand the question and HBin’s answer but now I think it become a reality, its amazing how this previous interviews and their responses to them is what now happening?? dont tell me its a coincidence again there’s too much of that in their life right now…surely its FATE that’s why..besides there’s a saying that absence makes the heart ponders…anyway, he can always check or look at his cp and iPad and voila…HJWon’s pic is there….

      the reason he will be in the amphibian training is because he was on top of his training group. yeah it is one of the toughest part of training as a marine.

      with or without good news after the breaks i won’t loose hope for this two…I will keep wishing the best for them to be together for real for they really belong to each other…as proven by the many things that have happen in betwen their life and careers..

      hope to read your thoughts and comments here soon. have a safe and wonderful weekend Happy Easter too..

  9. hi guys glad to see u here,so the amphibious training is much more harder than he already experienced on that camp?wow i can’t even imagine that,i hope that hyun bin well get some good rest so that he can prepare himself from that tough training…well i believe that after he pass this 2 years in marine he will difinitely gain maturity and become an amazingly hot man!…wow looking forward to that.
    Hope that he will meet our jiwon so that he can be more inspire and confident to take those challenges…just like taking your multi vitamins right..so hyun bin don’t forget to visit your multi vitamins,aka jiwon-sshi.he3.good day to all.

    • multivitamins?, ha..ha..ha.. i like this amazing nickname. come on Hyun Bin-ssi, grab your multivitamins asap!.

    • yeah! HyunBin has to make sure to have multi vitamins by his side to boost up his spirit in order to overcome any challenges ahead:)

    • gene, that’s truly a great idea and a nickname for our amazing yeoja…multivitamins BRAVO……ha ha ha i m sure he would take a lot of her if he could in the training…ha ha ha

  10. he terribly lost his weight and i felt bad by just merely watching him in that video. hope his 2 years military service will come to end soon…his posture is somehow affected by the hard training he’s going through…i just hope he’ll stay fit and healthy….

  11. hhahahahaa…. all of u r just crazy about HB and HJW.. and so do I !!!! hayaahhhh….!!!! love all ur comments…

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