Hyun Bin starts his 5 days and 4 nights holiday

On 23rd of April, at 8am, Hyun Bin left the Incheon Sea Defense training center with the other 90 trainees for his very first holiday.

He gave a short answer to the news reporter when asked about his vacation, then got on a car by his agency and returned home. Hyun Bin expects to spend some quality time with his family during this break. After this he will be joining the front line at Baek Ryoung-do 6 brigades on the 29th.

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  1. ” That Man ” looking seriously manly in uniform with a special badge he received for his outstanding shooting skill during the training camp…welldone Hyun Bin !!! …..But the 2&3 photos is a wrong person and i am sure is not HB.

  2. I was wondering what was that item on his pocket. So it is indeed d medal he got for shooting. He is still skinny. I hope THAT WOMAN will cook him a good nourishing meal.

  3. please continue to update us on latest news about hyun bin
    thank you

  4. hey alou!!! thanks much for the post…. hope HB will have time to meet our amazing woman HJW… we will alwyas wait for more info. on HB whereabouts his off from his training… alou pls. keep us posted.. thanks in advance!!!

  5. Hoping that HB will have a great time bonding with his family. may he regained his strength and couraged after this most sought after break from the marines. Well lets hope THAT WOMAN our amazing yeoja, will cook him their favorite kimchi fried rice and have dinner together in the privacy and comfort of his home.

    HB well done amazing namja, as what GRI said in episode 14 that even though she wanted her body to turn away from KJW her heart wont turn. she said that it is easier to bear the pain of seeing him than the thought of not seeing you at all. its ironic i think its what’s happening to them right now.. we should be happy knowing that HB is not like the little mermaid who disappear. because HJW would likely wanted to be more than just the little mermaid for HB….only SeGa fans can understand what I am saying here…so read between the lines…

    have a wonderful weekend everyone take care and stay safe..4 more days to go so keep our fingers cross we might be in for a surprise from HB and HJW…

  6. Thank U Alou for making this site and keeping us posted. I hope HB will get some rest that he truly deserves. I really don’t mind at all if during this vacation the media would leave him alone. But we all know that close to impossible as the demand for HB is prolly high. And as fans of HB n HJW we should prolly go easy on this enormous pressure/expectation that we have on them, I.e. them dating n being a couple. Like most here, I also fell love w/ SeGa. I think
    most of us here will agree that regardless of who they will b in the future, we can still support n respect them as fans.

    • nice to read your comment foxypnay, it seems that filipino fans are getting crazier with this SeGa couple. but it sure nice to see you and other pinays this is such a great place to interact with other fans that also have the same admiration and support for HJW and HB wether they become real or reel couple in the future we will all would continue to suppor them. and you are right, let’s hope that the media will not make a ruckus out of HBin’s precious 5 days and 4 nites off. I know that we have such tremendous pressure for both of them if they will or will gonna meet. in anycase, I am happy just to see him get his break off from the training. wish that HJW will be able to cook him their favorite kimchi fried rice so that when he come back for training he would be more inspired and encourage to excel more because someone dear to him was helping him to become an amazing namja. all the fans here of HJW and HB will give their support and continued admiration even if they won’t become real couple in life. whoever they end up with in marriage we all be happy knowing they have found someone that would love and care for them as much as we does. let’s continue to wish them both success and happiness in everything they do. Truly a genuine fan would be there for their ever beloved HJW and HB no matter what the future brings….let’s keep the faith for them and may their FATE continued to bring them closer together today, tomorrow and the day after….and next month and the year after…let the MAGIC OF SECRET GARDEN continue to work on their lives…

  7. oh man… k-paparazzi let us down big time… XD

  8. guys, angiel have posted some important things in dramascenes.. it’s all from baidu that was translated.. it says something about the truth behind the news blackout about the couple dating (don’t jump for so much joy, i’m just telling that baidu fans were telling that they are dating) after sg, plus there are proofs example is the interview of kjw’s mom about the couple if they are really dating. pls do check it out., i almost went to the moon after reading it:-) haha
    (even though there are lots of fans around the world, many people are wondering and that includes me, why there’s no romantic issue thrown to our lovely couple even after they have been seen sweet in several bts and ngs., but instead, tw was taken into account. i will first let you read what angiel has written there at dramascenes and tell me what you guys think about it, coz i also have an idea about it but it’s better to discuss it after you read it.)

  9. Hi I had to come here to read what all this conspiracy theory was about! haha Anways, hmmmm…. About this conspiracy theory? I don’t know about that. I tried to read what it said on baidu but it really didn’t make any sense to me. I don’t know the chinese language but even the english translation did not make any sense. Like I have said before, the next time I hear any announcement regarding the 2 is when they are getting married! 🙂 LOL! But that may be for a long while yet. I do agree to a certain extent that something is going on with the whole media thing; almost like a gag order on SeGa. SBS has been very stingy with their NG and BTS and interviews only doing those specials. Maybe they want people to buy more of the DVD to watch all the extra stuff? Because I was very surprised why there were no CF, photo shoots or interviews of the 2 of them after SeGa ended considering its enormous popularity. Instead you had CF/photoshoots,etc of HB alone and hardly anything of HJW. And during LA premiere, HJW did attend but did not pose for pictures, she just greeted and walked behind the back drop. IMO, she did that to keep the focus on HB since it was his premiere. But it was only after HB went into the Marines that HJW’s schedule opened up with CF,interviews, etc! Again, IMO, I thought she did this so people can focus on HB before he left and not take any limelight away from him if that makes any sense?

    But then there was a photoshoot with TW. And I thought why TW but no HJW? Again considering huge popularity of SeGa? So yes I was puzzled by all that but I don’t know if I would go as far as conspiracy theory. But there maybe some truths mixed in there, who knows? But if the 2 are dating then I hope they can manage to keep it private. Otherwise I think they would have very little chance of maintaining their reln if the public or the media was hounding them all the time. I think that is one of the main reasons why his reln with SHG did not work out. Like I said I hope HB learns a lesson from his friend Jang Dong Gun and not disclose any more info on his personal life in the future. Although I wonder how JDG managed to keep it under wraps for that long?! 🙂

  10. Hi guys glad to hear new set of discussion here,the term ‘conspiracy theory’that we found out at baidu sounds very interesting.To tell you honestly like the others here, i really find it hard to understand those thing that are written there even if i use google translation,it is like a scripture that is sealed and coded.Kudos to some of our SeGa shippers bec they help us understand at least some of the codes and analysis that are written there.Well i am really hoping that this conspiracy theory well eventually become a FACT in the near future(come dec 2012),like kjkfan7 said the next news that i wanted to hear is the bell and rings on there wedding.(if that is not too much ask..he3)
    Welcome to our new friends kjkfan7,seema and the others glad to see you here,love to read your reviews and comments on the HJW/SeGa thread.Your very much welcome here to our humble yet full of passion fanpage that miss alou created for us.(a lot of thanks to miss alou)SeGa shippers i always looking forward to read your comments and reviews.

  11. Hi everyone! Just to say Hello to all HB/HJW worshippers..
    I love coming here daily to read comments and analyse from all the fans here..

  12. HB and HLW dating that would make me happy since she is the only woman after me ( in my mind) he should be with. I been watch SG over and over and the specials analyising everything the touches pourng over translations.
    Here is what i would like to believe
    they are going out and keeping it quiet
    we will find out soon enough

  13. Family, what do you think about this?

    Marine Corps’ Publishing of ‘Hyun Bin’s photo book’ caused controversy.

    The news of actor Hyun Bin’s training time in boot camp getting published into a pictorial book is becoming a hot topic.

    On May 11th, the afternoon broadcast of SBS ‘8 News’ reported, “Marines Corps will publish a photo book containing the history and information of… the marines’ training and life in general. Hyun Bin’s appearance is included in the book as a form of public relations work. According to the marines corps officials, the photo book will be published through a private publishers later this year.”

    Meanwhile, Hyun Bin’s agency stated, “Hyun Bin’s photo book was entirely Marines Corps’ plan. The company does not know of the specific situation. We will have to check in on that.”

    Regarding the news, netizens responded “Marines corps is using Hyun Bin to make money.” “I cannot believe this.” “Let him live a peaceful military service.”

    Source: nate
    (c) withhyunbin.com

  14. ..hai..every one???cant i ask something about hyun bin…??? i really dont understand why???hyun bin going to military army???? plzz

    • Hi Nikka, Going into the Military Service for 18 months is a mandatory to all South Korean males. As you know, the political condition between North and South Korea is actually in “war”, that’s why all male civilian in South Korea has to be militarily prepared for the worse scenario, in case there will be a real war.

  15. question…wen is d 2nd vacation of hyun bin frm his MS?

  16. wen is hyun bin release for his 2nd vacation frm MS?

  17. is der any news of this two lovely amazing couple?more news about dem plz…im a newbie hir!

  18. I love hyun bin….

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