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  1. fredelyn marie

    hi..im a fan of hyun bin and ha ji won very much..and im very happy to watch a new korean series SECRET GADEN,secret garden is such a awesome series,…im in love with the series..especially to the two leading actress and actor..im hoping that they will make another series like the secret garden and kim sam soon.

  2. hi, i’m a big fan of hyun bin and ha ji won. after watching secret garden, i can’t stop knowing more about ha ji won… she’s so amazing and she inspires me… i dream to meet her someday, isn’t it a great thing to visit Korea? I pray for Secret Garden 2, i really want to see them in their wedding ceremony… šŸ˜€

  3. Yehey! Thank you for the Juicy updates! :))

  4. hi!I’ve been a silent reader here for quite some time now…i really love HJW and HB so much!big thanks to ms. alou for giving us update.. šŸ™‚

  5. their tandem is really great! i love both of them. hope to see them in another korean series. i am looking forward for both of them in another love story. i really love secret garden, the story is really amazing.


  7. Love both of them so much after watching SG.It’s remind me when I’m dating with my hubby a few years back.How the feeling of falling in love become adrenalin in your vein.Will always think of the one you love every second every minute everytime (like Kin Joo Won imagine Gil Ra Im).The best Korean Drama ever with a good of team production.Congrats to all especially to Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won….

  8. I love being a hjw and hb shipper because every news regarding them takes my stress away. I wish they will make another kdrama or film someday.

  9. YOu really a best couPLe for me! :)) I hope that HYUN BIN and HA JI WON is more drama parTner! :))

  10. Can you PLEASE sub the BTS for Secret Garden? Like all the ones that are included in the DVD package, because I can’t understand Korean.. Uwaaahh. Not all but only when Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin act together šŸ˜€

    Damn would I be grateful.


  12. I know right?!
    And regarding HB and SHK, they announced to the public when HB left for the marines that they already had broken up in January.

    Btw please go on FB and click like to all hyun bin and ha ji wons page,

    There’s also a new poll on the fb page called Best of Korea, the poll is asking what’s the best drama of 2011? Please go and vote for sega!! šŸ˜€
    Or you can just go to amazing couple (hyun bin ha ji won) on fb and they’ll provide you with the link as well šŸ™‚


  13. dont u all feel something different when watching the commentary. because the seems very shy to each other . thought that both of them have feeling to each other. to clarify when watching the SEGA Concert why ji won did not appears at all. Ji won where a you. your fan always miss to see u be together with Hyun Bin

  14. To be honest, I also thought that it was a little awkward at first. However, after my second time watching it after a while, and after I’ve gained more news about the couple, the second time I watched it completely changed my view- if you really notice, watch their tiny behaviours, eyes, mouth whatever. there are a lot of hints, lots of inside jokes that they just laugh about and we might not have caught that at first because we were expecting too high (for them to act all couple-y in the drama like we suspect) – and again, they are in front of the camera and not having to be a character but their actual selves.. Think about the increased pressure, so ofc they might be more nervous.

    Still it doesn’t deny their on screen chemistry AND BTS, and if you look closely at the hints (e.g. The commentary – their first kiss (swap bodies) HB gulped, AND he licked his lips after another kiss scene.

    And think about this, when a drama ends there are usually more CFs, or photoshoots together – esp if its a megahit like SG, but.. In this case rarely none. Why? I do not know. Maybe respect to SHK? When I see a drama couple doing CFs together its just that they’re doing to promote themselves, HB and HJW don’t need it. Why? We all know SG already says all

  15. I pray everyday so that Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won really end up together for real ^^

  16. I’m a fan from the Philippines, I watched this drama way back in 2011 and then I’m watching it again thru DVD. I know they are professional actors but I kinda notice that the way they looked at each other is beyond being professional. If I was fooled then its ok, but I hope they try to see each other cause I heard they are both single. I also hope that they already went on a date by now.

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