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Hyun Bin starts his 5 days and 4 nights holiday

On 23rd of April, at 8am, Hyun Bin left the Incheon Sea Defense training center with the other 90 trainees for his very first holiday.

He gave a short answer to the news reporter when asked about his vacation, then got on a car by his agency and returned home. Hyun Bin expects to spend some quality time with his family during this break. After this he will be joining the front line at Baek Ryoung-do 6 brigades on the 29th.

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Secret Garden’s The Sweetest Thing

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Getting started

Great to see everyone here, love you ♥

Ok, I am still thinking but I definitely need all the help I can get to make this the best fan page out there!

I love to hear your suggestion as well. This will be a group blog so meaning, I will be opening up the access to everyone.

For now we need:

1. Editors x 2 – who will be given full responsibilities to oversee and manage this Fan Page
2. Design talent
3. Info contributor – who will be actively looking for all the juicy information (properly credited of course)
4. Authors – who loves writing


Simple, just love sharing your love for Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won


Drop me a short note, telling me which position you would like to take on and a little why, at

I may take upto 1 week to reply, but I will definitely reply for sure 😉


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Ha Ji Won, you gotta love her laughter

Hello everyone we are here soft launching H&H…

Hello everyone, we are here, soft launching H&H fan page 😉