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Hyun Bin starts his 5 days and 4 nights holiday

On 23rd of April, at 8am, Hyun Bin left the Incheon Sea Defense training center with the other 90 trainees for his very first holiday.

He gave a short answer to the news reporter when asked about his vacation, then got on a car by his agency and returned home. Hyun Bin expects to spend some quality time with his family during this break. After this he will be joining the front line at Baek Ryoung-do 6 brigades on the 29th.

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Hyun Bin ends intensive training, begins short holiday

After having finished boot camp last week,  Hyun Bin has the full 7 days this week to:

(1) Attend a private graduation ceremony for bootcamp completion. It was much debated whether this would have been publicly available to the media like his entrance to the Marines.  The authorities have decided to make it private.

(2) Begin acclimating to Byeongnyeong – the island where he would be stationed for duties and further training (including amphibious training).

(3) From Byeongnyeong, ride a bus back to Incheon with his comrades and,

(4) then be temporarily discharged to enjoy some personal time for 4 days, 5 nights.

His management issued a statement that due to the intensity of the training, he likely will spend time at home to rest.

Enjoy your well-deserved break, Tae Pyung!

from various sources via Nate

Hyun Bin a.k.a Kim Tae Pyung – Marines Training Preview

From Alou’s TDS.

A documentary about Marine Corps 1137 is to be broadcast on the 27th via KTV, and Hyun Bin by his own name Kim Tae Pyeong mentions in this video that he is slowly bonding with others.

On 21st, according to KTV Hyun Bin shared with the producer, he goes through tough training, shares hardship and happiness with other fellow soldiers. As time passes, he is bonding with others and he is living very well.

KTV will broadcast this documentary “South Korean 1137, that man’s choice” on 27th at 10.30pm.

The producer mentions this documentary mainly focuses on the training of 1137 Marine Corps, including Hyun Bin as Kim Tae Pyeong’s interview as well as his daily life.

A preview video is shown, footage of Hyun Bin with other trainees are shown. After 5 weeks of training, the scene where Hyun Bin receives his red badge is also shown.

Hyun Bin & Kim Tae Hee – Most Popular Actors in First Half of 2011?

With 2011 reaching its halfway point, the LPR Investigation Study held a survey to pick the year’s most popular Korean celebrities so far. The survey drew 1,321 voters from five major regions of the nation, with ages ranging from 13 to 65.

For the male category, the results crowned Hyun Bin in first place with 30.6% of the votes.  The actor gained mass popularity from the drama “ Secret Garden”, and his recent enlistment with the marines allowed him to remain as a hot topic for both fans and the general public.

Actor Won Bin came in second with 20.6% of the votes; he was followed by Jang Dong Gun (14.0%),Kang Dong Won (8.2%), So Ji Sub (6.9%), Jung Woo Sung (5.9%), and Jang Hyuk (4.8%).

As for the ladies, Kim Tae Hee landed 1st place with 18.6% of the votes, thanks to her leading role in MBC’s “My Princess”. Trailing behind her were Ha Ji Won (11.7%), Shin Min Ah (11.1%), Lee Min Jung (10.4%), Song Hye Kyo (8.3%), and Kim Hye Soo (6.6%).

So, do you guys agree with the rankings for both categories? Who would you have voted for if you disagreed with the top picks?

Credits: Allkpop

Hyun Bin – Intense Training for Week 4

Hyun Bin completes Week 4 of intense military training.  Together with his comrades, he is seen rappeling 21 meters down a wall with only a calm buddy below him guiding him down.   He is looking good and has transformed into a real Marine!

Looking good Binnie!

credits: ROK-MARINE Blog

Hyun Bin to Serve Regular Marine Duties + PR Duties

Just wanted to clear up the discussion we had on this topic. Now I think,  Hyun Bin is getting ‘special treatment’ as in accordance with his wishes he will finally serve regular Marine duties.  Apparently he was recruited for PR, but in light of the very public debacle on his assignment, the Ministry of National Defense changed their mind.  He will be PR on an as needed-basis, will be stuck in an island near the North Korean border for 5-6 months doing ‘combat duties’ until he returns to base for regular duties.   Which makes me think — when is PR not needed?  It’s not a combat time for the Marines, so there really is no ‘combat duty’, yet.  Sly move, Marines. Sly…

Here is the article…

.Although Hyun Bin withdrew from the public eye to begin his military service with the marines, the spotlight on the actor remains strong. On April 14th, the Ministry of National Defense held a press conference that addressed questions regarding his service as a public relations officer.

Minister Kim Kwan Jin stated, “Hyun Bin was recruited as a public relations officer, but wouldn’t it be better that he serve as a general soldier at the battlefront? Of course, there must be a reason for the Commandment of the Marine Corps making such a decision.”

Kim Min Suk replied, “Hyun Bin will be serving as a general soldier, and will serve as a public relations/promotional officer when needed.”

Source: and Newsen via Nate

[opinion/feature] Hyun Bin – Marine Star Treatment?

By now, most of us would have probably heard about Hyun Bin doing really well at military boot camp. If you are clueless what we are talking about, fear not — Alou has a chockfull of these news in her DramaScenes blog.  Just read these articles — Hyun Bin Rifle Training or Hyun Bin – Assignment and First Break and then come back to spazz with us here at HBHJW Fanpage.

Are you back yet?  Okay, so let’s continue our discussion.

Chosun Ilbo reporter Kim Tae Ik dared to raise the question.  Is it worth it that Hyun Bin is looking as if he’s receiving star treatment in the Marines?   Read the complete post here – Is It Smart To Give Hyun Bin Special Treatment?

Hyun Bin didn’t ask for it, we know this for sure.  Our dear namja had always wanted to take on the challenge and rigor of the Marine life.  And now by being assigned as PR representative to the Marines, it seems like he may have less action time after all.  But since it wasn’t his own preference, I would rather not qualify it as ‘special treatment.’

Personally, I feel as though he is actually more fit for the PR role, given his background. But we also have a very able rookie who can as well be a leader within his platoon down the road, being limited to ‘recruiting’ tasks.   Although it does look like we will have him out of harm’s way like we all wish, the assignment may have dashed the hopes of our unwavering elite leader, to really get rough and dirty during his service time.  I hope his first break out of  his service, scheduled in the next two weeks, will give him some time to ponder and hopefull re-adjust his expectations so he will still do the best in his assigned task.