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Getting started

Great to see everyone here, love you ♥

Ok, I am still thinking but I definitely need all the help I can get to make this the best fan page out there!

I love to hear your suggestion as well. This will be a group blog so meaning, I will be opening up the access to everyone.

For now we need:

1. Editors x 2 – who will be given full responsibilities to oversee and manage this Fan Page
2. Design talent
3. Info contributor – who will be actively looking for all the juicy information (properly credited of course)
4. Authors – who loves writing


Simple, just love sharing your love for Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won


Drop me a short note, telling me which position you would like to take on and a little why, at

I may take upto 1 week to reply, but I will definitely reply for sure 😉



Hello everyone we are here soft launching H&H…

Hello everyone, we are here, soft launching H&H fan page 😉